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Sintering furnace and Binder removing installations  for MIM technology

Sintering furnaces, Sintering HIP furnaces, Binder removing installations

Your partner for the production of customer-oriented furnaces for

  • Sintering
  • Debinding
  • Heat treatment


  • Powder injection moulding parts (PIM)
  • Metal injection moulding parts (MIM)
  • Ceramic injection moulding (CIM)
  • Sintered parts

We offer to you furnaces for the production of PIM parts:

  • Sintering
  • Rest debinding
  • Debinding catalytic (with special gas flow)
  • Debinding thermic (with special gas flow)
  • Solvent debindung (up to full-automatic)
  • Water debinding (up to full-automatic process)

Rest debindung and sintering

Our plants are designed for the MIM process and can be manufactured as a batch or continuous furnaces. Various types of gas and vacuum can be used for process implementation. The gas management system is designed for optimum rest debinding. An additional gas system and an optimized furnace wall is reducing the cleaning effort to a minimum. The subsequent sintering process finds an optimal temperature distribution by dividing the heating into several zones. Due to the heating zones the furnaces have a temperature accuracies of ≤ ± 2,5 K. The binder separator and thermal gas flaring is optimized for the incurred MIM process binder. Furnace linings can be metallic, ceramic or graphite manufactured.

The furnace linings can be metallic, ceramic or graphite manufactured. The most modern insulating materials guarantee adjusted to the process an energetically favorable heating program of the furnace.


Catalytic binder removing installations

catalytic debinding MIM


Solvent binder removing installations

solvent water debinding MIM


Heating and heating inserts for MIM furnaces

  • FeCrAl - heatinngs
  • Molybdenum heatings
  • Graphite heatings

heating inserts MIM furnaces | molybdenum - ceramic - graphite

Batch MIM sintering furnaces

  • Vacuum-Sinter furnace verticall aligned
  • Vacuum-Sinter furnace horizontal aligned
  • High vacuum - Sinter furnace horizontal aligned


batch sinter furnace MIM


MIM automated furnace systems


  • Walking beam furnace
  • Continuous furnace systems (also with Nitrogen)






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