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Furnace distributor in the MIM Expert Group

We have developed installations in close cooperation with users and customers, which are used for debinding and sintering of metal injection molding (MIM) and ceramic injection moulding parts (CIM). The demand for production parts, which are produced by these methods, promises in the coming years a significant increase. Through this technology, one is able to produce highly complex components extremely inexpensive. Its uses range from small series up to mass production products. This technology could also open up for manufacturers of plastic injection parts new markets and encouraging due of the prospects to such an investment.

The installations to the first-stage binder are designed in a way that it is possible to process MIM parts (feedstock) of various vendors. TISOMA’s technicians can design these systems as batch plants or as automated debinding intallations. The furnaces for residual debinding and sintering are also matched to the material quality of MIM parts. That means it can be used for sintered parts made of carbon steel as well as stainless steel parts, parts made of titanium or other high-quality alloys.

We develop our systems continuously. We ensure inter alia a steady development by constant exchanges within the MIM expert group. The MIM expert group consists of industrial companies and research institutes. MIM parts producers co-operate closely with powder and feedstock suppliers, as well as with injection moulding machine or furnace distributors and research facilities. The work of the MIM expert group focuses entirely on Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).


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