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Anlagenbau und Vorrichtungen GmbH
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36456 Barchfeld-Immelborn/Germany

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High flexibility

Innovative systems based on decades of experience are the figurehead of Tisoma Anlagenbau und Vorrichtungen GmbH in Barchfeld-Immelborn.

When we speak of long-term experience and know-how of the company (founded in 1996) we mean the 40-year know-how of manufacturing of special machinery in hard metal production in the location Barchfeld-Immelborn.

The company was between 1972-1997 the so called Rationalisierungsmittelbetrieb und Sondermaschinenbau and a service company after 1989 in Immelborn. During this time the foundations for the production expertise of today's business has been established. TISOMA was launched after privatization in 1997 with 15 employees. Due to the increasing demand for products and the soaring orders in recent years we had to increase our personnel. Today, more than 35 highly qualified employees and modern production facilities guarantee for flexible and cost-oriented work for the customer.

Today we design and manufacture for customers throughout Europe, Russia and China in particular industrial furnaces, mills, double cone vacuum mixing dryer, machining centers for green parts and customized systems.

In the field of industrial furnaces, TISOMA mainly manufactures sintering furnaces, vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces up to a temperature range of 3000 degrees Celsius. Its uses range from the hard metal production, the ceramics industry, the powder injection molding (PIM), sintered metal manufacturing and general heat treatment installations.

The methods used include in particular are sintering, dewaxing, debinding and drying of carbide, sintered metal, ceramics, magnets and other powder metallurgy (MIM, CIM) and the heat treatment of various materials. The furnace atmospheres are adapted to the technological requirements and mostly inert gas atmospheres such as hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, or vacuum are applied. The oven heating can be manufactured with metallic (e. g.  molybdenum; FeCrAl) or non-metallic (e. g. graphite) materials. The size and material of the working area are adapted to the heat treatment process and the batch sizes. The use of modern insulating materials ensures energy-optimized furnace rides. By incorporation of internal or external rapid cooling systems, it is possible to reduce the overall process time significantly.

TISOMA’s developed and built CNC machining centers for the green part processing represent a technical masterpiece. In principle it is a carousel lathe having a high flexibility, which is especially designed for the application areas in the hard metal and ceramic industries and other areas of expertise. Pressed hard metal green parts or ceramic components can be turned, drilled and devour with driven tools, bumped and grinded. The green parts can be processed to a diameter of 1000 mm and ca. 1200 mm in length and weights up to 1000 kg and any tool system can be integrated on the machining center.

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